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Ever prepared German

rouladen, designed a birthday card

or made yogurt and dish soap?

Do you want to learn from

our experiences and improve

your lifestyle! Click here.




Simple yet Efficient Seed Storage Solution


There is a simple seed storage solution everyone can afford. Store your seed pouches in small photo albums, which can be picked up for a song at discount stores and thrift shops.









10 Reasons to Bake and Eat Sourdough Bread


Sourdough is created when wild yeast and bacteria interact. Working together, these organisms can transform grains and make them more digestible. This is beneficial to people with wheat or yeast allergies. Find out the reasons you should try sourdough recipes to improve your health






Using Coppicing for Wood Management and Animal Food Production


There is an easy way to replenish the wood sticks for your rocket stove and, at the same time, grow nutritious greens for animal feed? Coppicing is an excellent solution to manage woodlands and grow animal food.








Recipe - Hummus with a Kick


Hummus is a spread, dip, or appetizer that originated in Egypt. This popular snack is made from pureed boiled chickpeas or other beans, tahini (sesame seed paste), lemon juice, olive oil, salt, garlic, and other spices. This recipe is quite easy.





How to Deal with Disappointing Garden Results


Are you like me and feel distressed by setbacks in your garden? Here are some of the strategies I use to overcome my disappointments.

The Value of Homemade Gifts for Christmas and Other Special Occasions


Not having a truckload of cash can be a bit of a challenge, especially during the Christmas season. Don’t despair as there is an excellent solution. You can always give homemade gifts, which are always appreciated!









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 The Permaculture Research Institute




Abundant Michigan


Paul Wheaton- the duke of permaculture


Sepp Holzer


Bill Mollison


Masanobu Fukuoka


Money Saving Tip


Make your own, all-natural toothpaste.


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As a brand-new school, we can benefit greatly from donations, like craft materials, yarn, garden tools, canning essentials, animal feed, plants, seeds, books, and office supplies.




Country Classic – Rabbit in Mustard Sauce Recipe


Try this amazing rabbit in mustard sauce recipe and you’ll be hooked! Rabbit meat has a mild flavor which is, as some people say, comparable to chicken.



The Importance of Experimenting in Permaculture


Experimenting is important. There will be no growth when people refuse to experiment, study unfamiliar topics, or talk to others about their experiences. Here are reasons why you should be adventurous.



Gardening Lessons Learned this Season


No matter how long you have been growing vegetables or practicing permaculture; there are always gardening lessons to be learned. Here are some of the positive and negative ones we learned in 2015.


Spicy Pumpkin Butter Recipe


Go through the list of ingredients. You’ll realize soon that this spread will be a big hit with friends and loved ones. It's an easy recipe, whether you can or freeze your spicy pumpkin butter.



Yacón Tubers - A Refreshing Winter Treat


Yacón is a plant with interesting sweet-potato-like tubers that have the texture of water chestnuts yet with the sweet taste of a pear. Learn how to grow, harvest, and prepare this wonderful winter treat here.

Hot Spicy Noodles with Pork and Bush Beans


Looking for an easy but exciting stir fry recipe? This hot spicy noodles with pork and bush beans dish is perfect any time of the year. Find recipe here.

How to Store Winter Squash Safely after Harvest


Growing a wide variety of winter squash is easy. The million-dollar question is how to store your abundant crop. The preserving and storage process is actually quite simple. Start by reading this blog.


When Is a Good Time to Start Prepping for an Economic Collapse?


Start preparations right away as an economic collapse is virtually inevitable. The following tips will get you started and help you to secure a better future.



Cover Crops Help Increase Soil Fertility


Plant cover crops on bare garden beds in the spring or fall when part or all of your vegetables have been harvested. Plant them between fruit bushes as well. Enjoy the many benefits and improved soil health. Click here for benefits.




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The objective of a sustainable lifestyle is to live with minimal

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can help you achieve this goal. Although very few people can

actually survive without  assistance, you can learn to improve

  your independence through our workshops, live healthier,

 increase your garden crops, and build a strong community.






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